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Digital Signature Certificate ( DSC )

About DSC

About Digital Signature Certificate

A digital signature is an electronic form of a signature that can be used to authenticate the identity of the sender of a message or the signer of a document, and also ensure that the original content of the message or document that has been sent is unchanged. Digital signatures are easily transportable and cannot be imitated by someone else. The ability to ensure that the original signed message arrived means that the sender cannot easily disclaim it later.

  • Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) is the electronic format of physical or paper certificate like a driving License, passport etc. Certificates serve as proof of identity of an individual for a certain purpose; for example, a Passport identifies someone as a citizen of that country; who can legally travel to any country. Likewise, a Digital Signature Certificate can be presented electronically to prove your identity, to access information or services on the Internet or to sign certain documents digitally.


    Different types of Digital Signature Certificates
  • Class 2: Here, the identity of a person is verified against a trusted, pre-verified database. 
  • Class 3: This is the highest level where the person needs to present himself or herself in front of a Registration Authority (RA) and prove his/ her identity.

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Why DSC ?

Why DSC ?

    • A Digital Signature Certificate authenticates your identity electronically.

    • It also provides you with a high level of security for your online transactions by ensuring absolute privacy of the information exchanged using a Digital Signature Certificate.

    • You can use certificates to encrypt information such that only the intended recipient can read it.

    • You can digitally sign information to assure the recipient that it has not been changed in transit, and also verify your identity as the sender of the message.

    • Like physical documents are signed manually, electronic documents, for example e-forms are required to be signed digitally using a Digital Signature Certificate. 

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Useful Links

  • Click Here to Download Individual Digital Signature Certificate Form for manual fill up.

  • Click Here to Download Individual with Organization Digital Signature Certificate Form for manual fill up.

  • Click Here to Download Root Chain Certificate

  • Click Here to Download JAVA to Run Digital Signature Certificate.

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